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Opus Magnum [English] Music Lyrics

E Nomine

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In the name of the rose, in the name of the cross: The covenant is mysterious.
Torn darkness is in dark vaults.
Red seals the mouth.
In the intoxication of my sensations, I hear enchanted whispers.
The clocks stand still.
Gray things are reflected and flicker on the wall.
The chime sounds gloomily.

In the sea of desire, in the knowledge of the believers: torment is frightened.
Pitiful anxieties in pale faces; they are ready for the ritual.

Great work finds me.
I am pure like white blood.
Great work binds me.
Take me into your circle.

The eternal rights are changing.
I will leave life silently.
I will bring the end through truly tested faith.

The chest is cut through.
The innocent will be sacrificed.
Therefore it is neccesary to clean my blood.
I am greatly dead.

E Nomine - Opus Magnum [English] Music Lyrics

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