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Yzmapolis Music Lyrics

Eartha Kitt

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Welcome to my city
Welcome to my land
Welcome to the empire that only I command
Yzmapolis, My Metropolis, my favorite place to be
Yzmapolis, My Metropolis, where it's all for one and that one is me
From Yzma Boulevard to Yzma Avenue
All the Mounts, roads, and parks, a name for me not you
You know until I came along, this was just, "a one llama town,"
but now it's Yzmapolis, My Metropois, the region that I rule
Yzmapolis, My Metropolis, now welcome to my school
Y-Z-M-A, Yzma, Yzma, hooray!
Yzmapolis, My Metropolis, a wonderous place to be
It's glorious, victorious,
we always laugh uproarious 'cause life is so euphorious
and here is what you'll see:
Yzma movies, starring me, my name in lights on the Yzma king,
Yzma books and magazines
Yzma shirts, Yzma jeans
Yzma chocolates, Yzma mints
Yzma shampoo and the rinse
All the dogs are Yz-maltese
And life is just an Yzma-breeze
Hear me chat on the radio-r
Yzmapolis, My Metropolis, with music, sports, whatever
Yzma traffic's all backed up and now a look at weather
I can't wait to show you my new project, Yzmatopia
There's a peasant village on the spot right now
But you can't stop progress
Yzmapolis is growing and soon, soon, soon it will become:
Yzmapolis, Mega-apolis, my purple legacy
Yzmapolis, there's no stop-olis, that's not a word!
It is to me
Some have tried to run and hide, but they just can't get free,
'Cause when I'm dead, you'll bow your head to an Yz-mummy of me
Welcome to her city
Welcome to her land
Welcome to the empire that only I command

Eartha Kitt - Yzmapolis Music Lyrics

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