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Great Incentive Music Lyrics

Elias The Band

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I still think that Wednesday wanted to follow Tuesday
Because of his good looks.
Either way they took the toll.

We were always tied together,
We never had a chance.

On any other day, I might have put up with all of this.
I wouldn't have walked away.
But not today, I doubt I'll try.
I doubt I'll even give you the chance or time of day.
We're just like something from a romance novel,
But this one's for real.

This could be the first time or the last,
that you'll ever notice just how much I mean to you,
or see the things you do to me.

It's great incentive, it's not by chance he came upon her,
Or that she fell in love with him.

Elias The Band - Great Incentive Music Lyrics

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