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Crush Music Lyrics

Elise Estrada

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I told myself, today was gonna be the day
No more excuses cause I knew exactly what to say
Was gonna make my play, but just like yesterday
My mind erased, and I let the moment slip away

Another night got me sitting here all on my own
Picking up the phone, but I can't get past the dial tone
Racking my brain, going insane
Again and again, I can't keep going this way

By the sweetest lips I've never kissed
And your fingertips
And the warmest touch that I've always missed
By the softest hands I've never held
Probably never tell
Your the strongest love that I've ever felt
That I haven't ever let you know
How it always goes
Cause I lose my nerve whenever you get close

And so I'm left
Short of breath
With that heavy feeling in my chest
Baby I'm so crushed

So I tell myself that tomorrow's gonna be the day
And I keep on telling myself that I'm gonna find a way
And I won't be afraid just like yesterday
Won't walk away
Never gonna let another chance slip away

Cause I gotta know, whichever way it's gonna go
Rest my heart and soul cause there can never be no more
Racking my brain, going insane
Again and again
I won't keep going this way



Bridge 2:
Crushing I'm so into you
Don't know what I'm gonna do
Gotta find a way to you
I don't know just what to do


Bridge 2 (X2)


Elise Estrada - Crush Music Lyrics

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