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The Future Music Lyrics


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(Authentic)Yall thought we wasnt gone make it

(Insane)- Iz ya boy In$ane I got the presents to ball/Elite
cause we iz aint gone be no future 4 yall/ Think about
it 4 boyz in the mist of it all/Signing autographs
showing love 2 our fans in the mall/ If you see me
in the streetz im the present-day happening/I put money
in our future 4 my present-day rapping/Waz next 4 Elite
just wait and see/Nunmber 1 on the charts and thatz
the whole country/ T.V. dealz in the future number
1 on the screens/Past the world to my future son because
iz all in my genes/You won't fame in the future you
gotta wait in line/Greatest group of the game iz just
a matter of time/ Just 1 in a few thatz the oddz of
underground/Don't Expect me to go to HollyWood without
putting a star doown/So when you think about the Future
betta think of Elite/Our Ticketz to the futures here so take ya seatz/

We The Future,We the Future,
We the Future,We the future(why),
We the Future,We the future,We the future,We the future./

(Authentic)In the future people document the words
that we speak/Alot a people wanna know waz in store
4 Elite/You can catch uz with cars,
cloths,and all kindz of thangz/You can catch me with
chains rocking a hole lot a rangz/Up in H-Town we be
sitting sidewayz/The way my money stack you can't mistake
it 4 a maze/We wasn't even known but now we on the
charts/Got money in our face and pride in our heart/I'm
Crunk and I alwayz rep my set/ my money constantly
grows just like a chia pet/Got mo paper than office
max/You ain't betta then none of uz you betta face
the factz/You can see me pulling broads in the V.
I.P/Already no itz that E.
L.I.T.E/Elite till I die and ain't no stoppin/Ask my
boy Ice he gone tell you what we coppin/

(Iceman)- In the future we gone be coppin BMW,
and Benzes/Riding on farrari with cartia lenses/We
gone be in airforce 1's and flashing mad money/When
we come through we get all the honeys/We the future
matter of fact you know thatz right now/I'm the King
of H-Town/So give me my crown/And you no I be rolling
wit Elite/And Can't nobody touch uz cause we the hardest 2 beat./

chorus 1x

(In$ane)-Ay tell em wut we iz

(Everbody)- Newest thang to the game

(Until Beat Fades)

Elite - The Future Music Lyrics

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