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Redneck Highway 101 Music Lyrics

Emerson Drive

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Speedin' the down freeway
Tryin' to make some time
I pull into school, it's 5 to 9
Run down the hall to make the 9 o'clock check
But you don't have to go if you're a real Redneck
Too many times I've heard it this way
Two lates equal one absent day
I got my ropers on and I'm ready to ride
But the seat in my truck is just a little too wide
My girl's on the left and the boys on the right
I hope she knows she'll be alone tonight
I don't know how it always ends up this way
There's time for girls on another day

Hop in the cab
Turn the radio up
We're heading down to Lefty's for some fries and ketchup
To them girls in the shiny pink cadillac

There's three in the front and four in the back
Slid'er into gear boys were headed for fun
Cruisin' down Redneck Highway 101

Well the sign says 80 but we go 45
Got the pedal to the metal just to keep it alive
Truck broke down along the way
Cut across farmer Jim's field of hay
Hot wired the Deere and then we headed to town
Thank God there were no cops around


...Cruisin' down Redneck Highway 101

Emerson Drive - Redneck Highway 101 Music Lyrics

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