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Spiritual Thang Music Lyrics

Eric Benét

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Oooh girl, lover friend
From the day we first began
Felt a connection to you

Somehow can't explain
No one's made me feel the same way
You do

Your heart and mine are one
somethin' deep is goin' on
It's like we've been here before

Seems like God above
Had a reason to bring your love
To me

I love what i'm feelin'
(a spirirtual thang)
You're giving to me , yeah
(a spiritual thang)
I know it's for real
(a spiritual thang)
This spirirtual love you bring
( a spiritual thang)

Love won't fade away
When it's a spiritual thang
It's like we're one in the same

Girl, we got a love that thw whole
World's been searching for
You and me, don't you know that


Guitar Solo

Your heart is in beat with mine
And no stronger love will I find
Together our souls intertwinned
Together as one, yeah.....

Chorus Out

Eric Benét - Spiritual Thang Music Lyrics

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