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I Break Things Music Lyrics

Erika Jo

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I broke most of momma's dishes
She banned me from the kitchen when I was a kid
And I tore daddy's truck to pieces
Left it in a heap that no mechanic could fix
You don't believe me
I can see you laughing
But trust me I'm an accident waitin' here to happen 'cause

I break things
Anything I touch
I just get around and then I'm bound to tear 'em up
Yeah, I make things
Snap and fall apart
So if you wanna hold me, boy, you better watch your heart
Because I break things

You say I'm nothin' you can't handle
You're tougher than an anvil
Well, baby, we'll see
I'm like a wreckin' ball comin'
You're better off runnin' far away from me
Don't get me wrong, now, baby I adore ya
It's only right that I give you fair warning, cause


Rain is wet
The desert is dry
That's the way it'll always be
Fire is hot
It's dark at night
The sun comes up in the east


Mmm, yeah, I break things!

Erika Jo - I Break Things Music Lyrics

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