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Wide Wide World Music Lyrics

Erin O'Donnell

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I wanted to be safe
I wanted to get by
I almost lost my edge
I could not fathom why
But You would never let me
Your dang'rous side won out
'Cause You knew what I wanted
I wanted to get out

It's a wide wide world
And I almost lost You in it
It's a chance to live
But it almost passed me by
It's an open door
To live for something better
'Cause You keep leading me
Into the wide wide world

Did Moses want to turn back
After crossing the red sea?
I bet that he got nervous
I wish that I could see
'Cause I've got the shakes all over
And I want to turn around
But I'm twice as scared of missing
The good that can be found


'Cause You are past the borders
Somewhere off the map
Of what feels comfortable
And I am so grateful for that

It's adventure that we want
And it's what we'll fin'lly get
There's nothing safe about You
But sometimes I forget
So lead me into the wide world
Don't let me miss my chance
'Cause I'll blink and it'll be over
And I won't pass here again

Erin O'Donnell - Wide Wide World Music Lyrics

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