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Car Crash Music Lyrics

Escape Directors

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There was a car crash
Out on the highway
And I was the only survivor
I made it out alive

So I fled the wreckage
and called in the accident
With hopes to save the people
Still trapped inside

My Lucia
I'll try and save you
But my attempts did fail

On and on
I see her face and wonder
If I could have saved her
On and on
On and on
She's a ghost to me now
and she's never coming back

There lay the victims
In the back of the ambulance
As if there is something
The doctor's can do, to save them

So I'll cry for mercy
At this horrific day
But no god above
Can change the truthfulness
In fate

Try to be kind
Tell me it's fine
But I know that it's not
Give me some time
Lucy I'll try
To fix my mistakes

Escape Directors - Car Crash Music Lyrics

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