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Trouble (Freestyle) Music Lyrics


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Trouble (Freestyle)

When I first came
From nowhere like the rain
Nobody knew my name
Now I'm forever stuck in the lane
Ever since I was born
I took pain deal main
I'm still the same
Forced to play every game
Strapped in the sanity
Brothers behind the bars
No one cares in the community
No one hearing your calls
Hustlers on the freeways
Side to side with the thugs
Criminals on operations
Steal, deal, buy drugs
I'm just 19
Trying hustle on my own
The game is deep
A bottle of Hennessey (to the gone)
When we die the block
Silences of missing
Gone with the wind
Dead soldier on a mission
Trapped in this world
You ain't nothing but your earn
Everywhere my I turn
I seeing brothers burn
We don't need the government
Cuz we all going under
We need a life blessing N we need a wonder

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