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Straight Spittin Music Lyrics


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"straight spiitin"
desert storm
please believe it
believe it please
brooklin we back

i cant deny it
u a dick rider
u can never flow like me
blow like me, y would a bitch like ya?
when they can see that I'm a fucking rider , u a hitch-hiker
u never seen a coup that gone a-robbin
the dealer says the same beamer bond was driving
2-20 on the z-a dash
when the 3-a flash
turn ur brains to a v8 splash and ur body
with this lifestyle poster style
I get right like a lifestyle poster child
niggas in the game as haggy
when u put the heat to him they talk the same as shaggy "it wasn't me "
nigga u cant even think a freestyles on ur own
got 911 on speedial on ur phone
still nuttin
i roll for thous now
got every ghetto girl going crazy
thats too old for bow wow

I got the feds in paranoia
I'm the only kid that come to court in a pair of nikes
with a pair of lawers
who murders wen they walk
Have witness sayin duh-duh-duh-duh to nervous to talk
Ship niggas is opposed
To put insurance on their bitch
cuz now i ship niggas for their hoes
only take 5 of these spraid
After I roll up behind you like privacy shades
All y'all could do is look at my studs and shiver
Or be rocking my watch
At the bottom of the Hudson River
Want to get me for my dough then fine
But u better be a model for a bullet proof clothin line
You'all see the size of the bags that my dope be in
Got niggas pockets lookin like Ethiopians
You broke niggas could be fixed and
I'm the reason ain't no original and the already talkin REMIX

Paul Cain:

It's Paul Cain season again
I'm like a 2k pee-wee kirkland
study old-timers learn to put easy workin
Know these niggas wanna see me hurtin
That's what would get them shot poped up with the D.E squirt gun
Still focused on flippin them packs
Cop the ESCALADE on 20's with the system in back
Come thru gucci jeans suits fisherman hat
Why the white ubs Double G stiched in the back
Since half y'all haters learn the aim able to stear
handle the wheel like NASCAR racers
I'm 5'7 tower over every oppenent
Ask CLUE where he got the title HEAVY COMPONENTS
Quietly I'm the best in the game
I'm never changin my image juz adding specs and a chain
And y'all niggaz know it's on for life

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