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Be Mine Music Lyrics

Nadia Ali

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canít decide whether I am in love
Or if Iím just messed up chasing you around
Donít try and make me go away
Youíll only make me want you more and
I will make sure that you see it my way

Whatís a girl gotta do to get your full attention
No oneís gonna do more for you
So you better take it while itís hot and so Iím asking

Be mine I canít wait forever?
Canít you see
You belong to me

A chance is all I need
I just want show you what youíre
Missing out cuz life is too short
I know you wanna run but where are you going to go
Thereís only so much fun without that someone

Where are you going to run boy?
Donít you want my love boy?

Nadia Ali - Be Mine Music Lyrics

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