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The Approaching Storm Music Lyrics

A Whisper Rising

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Staring out over an endless ocean
Still water reflects the sky
Darkened hues of blue and grey
Have obscured my skyline
In the calm I felt earthquakes in my chest
A single spark shot in the distance
Throws a shiver down my neck

Whats next whats next?
I hope to hell this feeling in my chest
Is wrong...

A gentle breeze against my back
I saw the ocean waves collapse
And the tremors subsided
I saw the sky and knew my way
I almost thought I'd be okay...
That's when the rain came
Face to the sky I felt reborn
Warn rain soaking to my core
And that's when everything changed

Thunder crashes and lightning cracks the sky
Now I'm staring down waves twenty feet high
I lost my voice, my breath stolen away
I may never see the sun again

The wind is racing
Driving hail like nails
Now I'm shaking
Freezing in the midst of the maelstrom
Waves are reaching higher
Someone save my ship

Jet black clouds and pouring rain
My stomach screaming at my brain
The ocean reaches up to claim me
I hear the timbers rip
I'm on a sinking ship
Looking out at angry waves

Abandon ship into freezing waters
Fighting to keep my head above the waves
Strength is fading fast, I am going under
Wave goodbye

A Whisper Rising - The Approaching Storm Music Lyrics

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