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High Adventure Music Lyrics


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Convince those guys, my lord and master
Well, do it faster, let's be gone
In wasting time we court disaster
Pick up that sword and strap it on

Fate blows her kiss
Chills your heart
Takes your hand

Fate feels like this
Play your part
This was planned

And lo, before you know
You grab your horse, you grab your gear
Your moment's now, your moment's here

It's time for high adventure
You're off and riding saber flashing
Your banner high, your molars gnashing

You feel so dashing on in the air, guys
Get set to give some guy a thrashing
'Cause high adventure's in the air

There's high adventure in the air, guys
Someone's out there, guys, someone bad
He's got a damsel in despair, guys
Heck, that's not fair, guys, and I'm mad

Fate blows her kiss
Winks her eye
Plots her scheme
Plots it for Babkak, Omar, and Kassim

And so
We five will go
Until it's through
Until it ends
Here comes Aladdin and his friends
Off on a
High Adventure

To confrontations so exciting
They're playing music while we're fighting
Scratching and biting on a
High Adventure
Fell that adrenaline igniting
'Cause high adventure's in the air

One more time, it's
High Adventure
Heigh-ho, the stallions are stampeding
With Allah's wisdom ever leading
My finger's bleeding! Well, that's
High Adventure
What we've collectively been needing
Is high adventure in the air

Hark! Something calls like a dream from afar
Calls out to Babkak, Kassim, and Omar
It's -- wait! -- the voice of fate
It calls to me, it calls to you
Abu, Aladdin, and the crew, off on a
High adventure

Danger to Danger we go flying
Completely unafraid of dying
Omar stop crying, this is
High adventure

There's no ignoring or denying
The kind of thrills that it's supplying
And the effect's electrifying
When high adventure's in the air

Aladdin - High Adventure Music Lyrics

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