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Session 1 Music Lyrics

Early November

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Well, so he just left?

You see there comes a point in everyones life where they just start seeing things differently.
Or you know, they're put in a situation where they have to.
I guess it was just his night.

If you don't mind, what's his name?

His name is Matt, and I think his father's name is Matt too but I dunno.

Ok, so umm, what happened next? Where'd he go from there?

Well he centered in his girlfriend's dorm room for a little while. He couldn't stay there long.
And, uh, I think her father actually felt bad for him so he offered him a job as a file clerk at his law firm.
Nothing special, just sorting papers.
Then her dad made him a deal, he said, "If you take this job seriously and you start going to school,
And you're serious about my daughter. I'll help you guys out with an apartment."
So he took it. I mean maybe Matt didn't really want that.
He really didn't want to go to school or work at a place like that,
But he also wanted to prove to his father that he was better off without him. That he wasn't a waste.
He also knew that making that deal with her dad would make his dad so much more mad,
Because uh, he hated her father. He always said how lazy he was and he steals people's money,
And he doesnt' have a real job. He doesn't know what it's like to work.
And I guess that's the motivation he needed to straighten out his life.
But I don't really think they ever talked again anyway so I don't think it really mattered.

Early November - Session 1 Music Lyrics

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