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Session 8 Part II Music Lyrics

Early November

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But for some reason the closer I got with her,
The harder my father would try to get me to stop seeing her.
It was like he didn't want me to be happy or something.
Not like he would ever do that, right?
He would tell me I was wasting my time with her.
I should concentrate on where I'm going to college, you know?
I didnt want to go to college...
So, when graduation came around I saw a completely different side of him.
The side I always knew was there.
He would say that I was gonna throw away my life,
And I was gonna make a terrible mistake
I guess something he was familiar with.
He would tell me I was gonna be a loser and people wouldn't respect me.
That was also the day he told me about the mistake he made...me.
I guess that was supposed to scare me straight.
Oh well.

-I love you.
-I love you too.

-...selfish prick.

-Selfish? You didn't even raise me.
You dumped me off so you could go and make something of yourself,
And care about no one but yourself.

-You don't have any idea what my life was like.
When I was eighteen, I was on my own!
Supporting myself, and your mother!
Working two jobs, and going to school!
You know how hard it was to watch someone else raise my son?!
You think it's EASY to live with that decision?!?!

-Shut up, at least you were able to make a decision!!!

-You wanna make a decision?
What are you going to do?!
You're not going to get anywhere playing pattycake all day,
With that girlfriend of yours!
You won't be able to survive one day in the real world!
You have no money, you have no job, no common sense!
You have no IDEA what it takes to survive in the real world!!!

Early November - Session 8 Part II Music Lyrics

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