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We're coming with the one two three
Everybody singing Do Re Mi
With the Earth S-U-I-T
Tonight we're making history

It's been a long time coming; now we're here
Came to cut off the hands of fear
Like a dangerous dream, you'll see
We'll numb the pain from the right of the brain 'til it's free

Stop your thought processing for a while
That computing is out of style
Join the new sound regime where we
Set to intake from a place that our eyes haven't seen

Y'all can get down, flip wild, supadelic child
Y'all I've been out for a while star wishing
Listen for the sound; in my heart is an unchained melody
Ability to purify a devil's infidelity
Time again I hear that same old same old
Rest my head to wake up; same old same old
I go to the Rock with my one time shot
Dilemma turned fable from the elements of my father's table
No label could ever say what's inside me
This love that won't depend on whether or not I say I'm sorry
And it's all around here for everybody
History will be made tonight

Earthsuit - 123 Music Lyrics

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