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Our Destiny Music Lyrics

Edna's Goldfish

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Artist: Hinda Hicks

Written by E.Roderick Jackson/M.Hamilton/H.Hicks (2000)

I've been hoping the new dawning
May bring with it
Some peace within our lives
Because there's too many
Little babies crying
Too many soldiers on front lines
That's why I say

If now and then
We looked over our shoulders
Maybe we'll find
Our way ahead is so much clearer
We'll know to leave behind
All of the fears that
Hold us back from
Being all we can
How free we'd be to go
On in life and fulfill our destiny

Grudges we bear
Only get us nowhere
Much better to release
And free your mind
well it's not too late
To right the wrongs that we've made
The future's tomorrow
The limit's the sky

When it all seems so crazy
We wage war after war
Seem we'll fight till
We're no more


Just as long as
We pull together
I know we can make it through

Chorus (x 3)

Edna's Goldfish - Our Destiny Music Lyrics

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