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Estate (Summer) Music Lyrics

Eliane Elias

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In summer...I miss you more than any other season
my heart has lost all thought of rhyme or reason
without you it's like winter in my heart

In summer...the memory of things we did together
is stronger than the trials we had to weather
without you,i feel winter in my heart

it's the end of life daydream
like plucking all the petals from the roses
like burying all the secrets love discloses
like stopping songs of birds before they start

In summer...when once again feel that old desire
as you return to set my soul on fire

Please darling, take the winter from my heart

(second bridge)
I feel you always near me
in every song the morning breeze composes
in all the tender wonder of the roses
each time the setting sun shines on the sea

in summer...
and when you sleep beneath your snowy cover
I'll keep you in my heart just like a lover
and wait until you come again to me

Eliane Elias - Estate (Summer) Music Lyrics

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