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ballet on ice
you will fall before you know, hey!
watch where you go
you beat the retreat
everythime you have to choose, hey!
you'll always lose
the back is where you've found your seat
happy that you've got off cheap
replace your eyes
offering life in disguise
There's two of a kind
Depends on how it's defined
replace your eyes
offering too many lies
but time's a healer
don't react

just call it fate
the governing few
saluted like uniforms, hey!
where were you born
talk when you're asked
sing when you see dotted lines, hey!
don't take your time
don't you ever contemplate
before you find out it's too late
as long as your illusionsto put you to confusion, distant
nothing will force you ? to ever react, react
beat back
you sport a line of sight
which comes close to being blind

Eloy - In Disguise Music Lyrics

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