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Silent Revolution Music Lyrics


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An inaudible sound
in the midst of the night
breaks the silence of dreams
Anger and hatred
against the oppressor
are ruling your spirit
that's crying for absolution
Ready to break
through the barricades
you slowly become
like a renegade
Consciousness grows
like a great wheel on fire
deep inside rebel minds
denying all regulations
Hovering over
the weeds of society
Over the ages the
seed's been sown
how germinating
rebellion's grown
The silent majority runs amok
you suddenly feel
an electric shock
in the air
Oceans of minds
lost in the maze of our times
Now gather round
ready to reunite
growing steadily
in the shadows of secrecy
there's a power source
emanating force
in a gale of resistance
all around

Now your blood boils inside
feel your pulse running fast
there's no way to delay
the moment of resolution
Push aside all the fears
and ignore all the rules
we're approaching the start of
the countdown of revolution
We are the future race
it's our rightful place
to make all the changes
we know to be due
Can you remember when
your were much younger then
you looked at the world
through your innocent eyes
and life was a game you played
Yes I remember well:
I was so bold and no,
nobody's fool
but they corrected that
in the days I spent in school
Look at the mess you made
We're in an awful state
It wasn't your right to
destroy our world
a foolish and terrible crime
We're gonna take control
We're gonna change it all
We need no permission
to do what is right
the future is in our hands

Eloy - Silent Revolution Music Lyrics

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