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Eric Boff

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We both know there's been a change in the way we sleep at night.
For our eyes upon the stars become eyes closed tight,
And the moon comes 'round town to say...
Fireflies, it's your time. Light up the stillness as we drink our wine.

Come on,
I wanna show you a "Home Life",
Take you someplace while you're fast asleep
Catch you dancing when you're all alone,
Cause there's a chance I'll call you "home"
There's a chance I'll call you "home".

Sunlight, likes to take a bath and shine.
As people, like to count their bills and dime.
But, as I'm sure you've heard, the birds all sing your name.
And reservation, become the only game we love-to-hate to play.
So far, I've tried every note on my guitar, and now
Writing is only half as hard,
You guide a wave into an ocean of sound.

Let's Go,
I wanna understand those eyes,
Maybe fly you through a perfect cloud,
Deliver flowers in a busy crowd,
Kiss you when it's not allowed...

Oh, would you let another tell you they adored you more?
Cause I can prove to you, oh I'll prove to you,
That nothing can stop this boy in wonder
from showing your heart the sky.

I wanna go and grab my guitar,
Plug it in pick up the microphone,
Tell the world you feel like "home"

Eric Boff - Home Music Lyrics

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