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Wondergirl Music Lyrics

Eric Boff

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Like a storm that spills no thunder
I give to you my intrigue and wonder.
Oh baby baby please just take one look my way.
There are drops of fascination,
Raining down with invitation
Inviting me to come and see just what you have to say.
What can I do to complete you?
You're everything I've dreamed of and then some.
It's no wonder that I wonder
Your secrets, hold me under
Your trance all night.

So take me away
Wonder girl.

My mind plays like the clouds in June.
Never holding shape to what I think of you.
Behind your smile there are miles of words
The most beautiful things I've yet to hear.
So tell me if you could should I have met you?
At more perfect time?
When something's telling me
That this is what is "right"
How do I Deny Anything you are?

So take me away...Wondergirl.

Eric Boff - Wondergirl Music Lyrics

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