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Ain't Nobody's Business Music Lyrics

Eugene Wilde

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(eddie & gerald levert) : Yo Yo Eugene What's Up?
You're spending a lot of time with this chick..
And alot of money..,

What's Up with that?..yeah..

(eugene): I Like this chick and I Love her and besides..

Ain't Nobody Business..

Verse I:

Friends say..I'm a fool
Cause i'm givining all my Love to you..
But, i don't care..
What people say....
I'm gonna love you girl..anyway


Ain't nobody's business..Nobody's business.
Ain't nobody's business..Nobody's business.
Aint' nobody's business....Nobody's business..
What I do..I do...I do..

Verse II:

Some say your selfish..and your cruel..
They say the only one you care about..is you..
But, I don't give them..
A second thought..
A little lesson in Love..
You know they should be taught....

repeat vamp:


Why? do people ..get into my life..
I think thier jeaulous..
Jealous..telling lies..

We've got a good thing...
And I won't let go....
It really don't concern you..
But, I think that you should know....

Repeat Vamp:


I love her and she's fine..
And I 'm glad the girl is mine..
I dont' care what people say..
I'm gonna love her anyway...

Ad-lib....vibe-out..till fade......

Taken off of the Eugene Wilde CD/LP "I Choose You Tonight"

Eugene Wilde - Ain't Nobody's Business Music Lyrics

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