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Can't Be Stopped Music Lyrics


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Can't Be Stopped

My mind on the paper my hands on the pen
You get ready to lose your breath by ftm
My rhymes flying in 1.80 from my tongue
Never stopping like a full loaded machine gun
I just trying to be as real as I can be
But I gotta watch out for the snakes in this industry
Break my trust and I break all of your bones
make your head look like a graffity inprinted on a stone
Pump your ass with koko, call it a drug busted
Cuz none gives a fuck about someone from the dust
I'm the one n the ace, elevated to the top
Don't stop the music cuz manye I can't stop
As I'm rushing by letting your whole town die
Killing family at funreals, am that typ of guy
the one with no heart, a shadow in the dark
The one breaking you apart, leaving you with a mark

The rapgame got me motivated, love to be hated
Touch one of me and you'll get your ass terminated
I went form the lil' boy to the man on the block
Feeling like the Italian Stallin on the mountain top
Shoot me stabb me, but better be sure that you kill me
Cuz If you don't I'm sure that your family'll feel me
When I'm playing with their lifes, slashing �em to pieces
I give a fuck, so beg to Jahova, allah or jesus

Puncher pro in the ring, the deadliest gun blaster
Monster of disaster, The killer of the masters
I'm the illiest, sickest, rapper chemistry to shine
Reflections in my heart, telling me this game is mine
Greatest on the MIC, the lamest rhymeflowa
A heavily champion closed up to Rocky Balboa
Is that so that wane anyone wants beef
Then be ready to lose ya all of you teethes
I don't wane beef instead we can take it on the streets
Violence giving me strength, hate making my heart
Grow n explodes, but I know as long as I standing
Including in my death, I spitting curses over your chest
You'll all know who I always be, And who I am
From the F to the t and still to the muthafucking M
I'm the one with the untied kingdom of soldiers
One man army with one million ghost rappers behide my

F-T-M - Can't Be Stopped Music Lyrics

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