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That's Life [New Version] Music Lyrics


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That's Life [New Version]

Early in the morning, before the sun is up
I know that God watching at me form the top
But he can't answer me why, we living like this?
Spending the life on drugs, breathing cannabis
I begged for directions but none answered me
So let me self fall in a tragedy after a tragedy
An angel came and saved me from my end
A special thanks to Valentina, my girlfriend
I don't get it how we came to this point
When someone turns love to down to spark a joint
Life goes on but some scars never really heals
Let them you love know, how you really feel
People wish only the best of the own
And screws the others, like they have a heart of stone
It feels like am exploding, got so much to give
But still I can't fulfill, can't forget and forgive
I just wane turn back the hands of time
And back say no to the bands of crime
But I can never return, I'll forever burn
Like the they say, in the end you got what you earn

The spirit of a fighter is what kept me alive
When the gun's close, it's hard to resist suicide
Death is easy cuz you leave everything behind
Refuse to accept that it'll be okay with time
Things often happened for a reason, its printed
On Gods paper, so you cant run from the fate
Memories will follow you, you won't forget the taste
How it is to love some one and in response get hate
You can get rich and collect a lot of friends
But you got face reality, you die alone in the end
Leave things behind but never forget yesterday
Cuz you got to know why you fighting for today
I'm not fighting because I hate them in front of me
Am fighting because I love them behind me
Maybe I wont make it life, fall in a mess
If I know that my loved once are okay, for me its success
I don't need to have the fastest car, latest fashion
Live in a dream mansion, drinking thug passion
I say fuck to all that, I know this may sound crazy
But the only reason live is for my family and my baby

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