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World War 3 Music Lyrics


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World War 3

The gun discharging starting a world war declaration
Allah versus Jesus, republicans against democracy
Bombs dropping over the cities in unknown numbers
Leaving behind a world of ashes, humans on embers
Excruciating souls with tortured bodies, tries to stand up
They understands that this is an end with no stop
Nation exterminating nation, bringing masses of demolition
Religions splitting up and go to the sea of elementary
People dressed with they flags living as revolutionary
Spirits comes and goes, but some words are legendary
The streets overloaded with blatz on a mission to attack
Towns turning to concrete jungles so watch your back
Conflicts between leaders developing and about to blow
The world is a ticking bomb, soon ready to explode
Menace to society and a lot of gang war episodes
There is no sign of peace as long as the blood flows the roads
The dome of life has a name, it being called judgement day
It's the end of the plant, living creatures getting faded away
Does it matter in the conclusion, who murdering who first
When you know that, at the last warfare it destroying Earth
When a man comet killing, he gets reprimand and marked as a killer
But do you know that the president is the real serial killer
He getting away with turning a country to a graveyard
Load the glock and shot him dead, bury him in he's own backyard
Diseases spreading around people running panic and they treason
They families because of fear, time for a new season, age of reason
The evolution of the world, is all bloody and dramatic
Revolutions will even be worse, corrupting and automatic
The landscapes of Earth burning, so lets move up to the moon
We are outrageous minded so we injury it up too all soon
Give permission to corrupt hell and built novel civilizations
When if we dash away to a new planet we starting with discriminations
Some day in time people will look for life inside of a stone
Because the living left existing inside of a inferno dome
Rain clouds by venom and the thunders by lighting flames
The raindrops are made by blood which once flowed in veins
Since I saw the world ruins, I stopped believing in god
Cuz when you lose everything you don'carry , who he is and he is not
You remember that someone loved you, but now you forgot
Bloody hands and a fucked up body is now every part you got

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