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Just Fine Music Lyrics

G. Love And Special Sauce

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I got bills to pay, overdue since May
But paying bills ain't something I'm a do today
I'd rather write a rhyme about the life I threw away
Are you the reason that my skies went from blue to grey?
I wasn't me, love ain't nothing but a four letter word
When you heard what I did, my bridges were burned
And now I'm stuck on the wrong side, it's gonna be a long night
All the fine girls in the world, they don't mean nothing now

Cause women come and women go
But for something real, you gotta take it slow
I ain't too smart, but one thing I know is
Nobody wanna live alone
Say you love me one more time
Say you need me to get by
Say you love me and I'll be just fine

I'll be just fine (3x)

I'll be just fine if you give me just half of your time
Cause your kiss is so delicious like this glass of fine wine
I'm a drink it up, see I can't get me enough
And when you're gone, I'll write you letters just to send you my love
And it ain't cool what I did, but I made a mistake
Then made a fool of myself when I let your heart break
I'm laying with this girl, but I don't know her name
And I don't love her half as much as this guitar that I'm playing


I'll be just fine when I know that you're mine again
(I'll be just fine) Lets do this thing one more time again
(I'll be just fine) Cause I'll never feel fly again
Til we're walking down the street in time again
(I'll be just fine) Won't you throw me a sign again
(I'll be just fine) I'll write your name on my rhyme again
I'm on a corner and I'm begging for change
Like a bum out of luck, I'm holding a sign that says...


I'll be just fine (6x)

G. Love And Special Sauce - Just Fine Music Lyrics

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