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Later Tonight Music Lyrics

G. Love And Special Sauce

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This is for all the school children…
If you want to
Take the elevator down
Skip school
Or stroll on the street
And the corner ‘round
Grab a lemonade and a just walk up the block
I'll meet you at the arcade for a soda pop
I have an orange crush
Yeah, my baby have a cherry
On second thought better make that for my blueberry
She's the sweetest little thing I think I, I've ever seen
When I say sweet, oh, you know what I mean
And baby what's goin' on later tonight, later tonight
What's goin' on uhh huuh yeah, yeah what's goin' on
We never fight but I must admit
I once had a curious reaction
Well she's all gum to a short mouth
Yeah, she know what my distraction
She never had none other
She leave, yeah
She told me straight
Says a course is the refresher, I'd like to wait
How could I leave you baby?
Press stop and then play
You're the one that I'm lovin' no need to ever skip a day
And baby what's goin on later tonight, later tonight
What's goin on uhhm hmm
On this lovely stroll
Besides relaxation
The sun beatin' me on the head
Feel like a Miami vacation
You're my bounty and my blousy and my angel face
Sucks, I love you baby, you're my 11:00 wed
So come on, let's cut classes just one last time
Who needs these books, now it's almost summertime
I said baby…

G. Love And Special Sauce - Later Tonight Music Lyrics

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