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Assface Music Lyrics

G.G. Allin

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You think you're on my ass girl but that ain't you

It's the only thing that reminds me of you

All fat and ugly and covered with zits

When you open your mouth out comes shit


Assface honey that's what you got

Sisyphus baby you can suck my cock

Assface (YEAH!) that's what I said

In place of a face you gotta ass instead

(UNKNOWN) - where you don't belong

Gonna find some rope that's good and strong

Gonna hang you from the highest tree

We wont take no shit you'll see


I'll get you back girl one way or another

Get away Merle she ain't got no brother

(UNKNOWN) - somebody said

Because your neck is turning red


G.G. Allin - Assface Music Lyrics

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