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I'm A Gypsy Motherfucker Music Lyrics

G.G. Allin

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To the cunt in Minnesota, I cracked your skull fuck you

'N in Chicago niggers tried to kill me, but you didn't pull through

Fuck you all in Philly, I was just too fast for you

And all you fuckers in Boston, I got something up my ass for you

Do me your doctor teller, motherfucker

Don't turn your back on me I'm a, I'm a motherfucker

I cheat, I lie, I'll destroy your life, I'm a motherfucker

I'll steal, I'll rape, I'll break your face, I'm a motherfucker

I remember your vagina, little cunt in Carolina

You all down in Texas way, you tried to stab me, no way

In the wreck of the New Jersey ring, we stuck it to you

You cried for us to stop, but we fucking raped you, you fucking cunt

Call me trash, I'm a motherfucker

I ain't gonna kiss nobody's ass, I'm a motherfucker

I'm a slut, slut smelly faggot freak, I'm a motherfucker

And I don't fit in nobody's scene, I'm a motherfucker

I'll fuck you over I don't care, I'm a motherfucker

Eat my anal cavity here, I'm a motherfucker

I'll use you up until I'm through, I'm a motherfucker

To get what I want I'll step on you, I'm a motherfucker

In New York city with a knife in your throat, I shit on you

I kicked you in the fucking face, I stole from all of you

Spent some time in emergency rooms, for calling me to Dallas

Many nights we've spent in jail, but they just can't fucking nail us

I'm a penny waiting for change, I'm a motherfucker

And I hate every fucking thing, I'm a motherfucker

And I got split personalities, I'm a motherfucker

There's a bomb ticking inside of me, I'm a suicidal motherfucker

G.G. Allin - I'm A Gypsy Motherfucker Music Lyrics

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