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Mistakes Music Lyrics

Nadia Ali

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You canít imagine what I felt
Those days everything fixed itself
Worries, I didnít have one to sell
Believe me I know I was no angel

Cause I had to learn the hard way
Made a mistake after mistake

You canít imagine my surprise
To hear that you moved on and found yourself a new life
Where was I when all of this took place
Please donít say that itís too late

Guess you learn the hard way
Keep on making mistake after mistake

You were supposed to be
You were supposedly
The only one that knew me
I was supposed to be
Wasnít I supposedly
The one you loved truly

But I learned the hard way
Make those mistakes after mistakes
And so I learn the hard way
Wonít make those mistakes again, no more mistakes

Nadia Ali - Mistakes Music Lyrics

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