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Midnight Music Lyrics

Paul Anka

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Midnight- it's for lovers.
So late it spoon beneath the moon,
The silvery moon up a-high.

Midnight, we'll be together
At lover's lane we'll kiss again
And then again at midnight.

You hold my hand and you drive me insane.
You're burning up my heart,
Then you tickle my brain.
Your eyes are blue, your lips are red
Oh, one more kiss and I'll go out of my head.

Yes, midnight, the night was quiet.
So when you stop it'll mantle you up,
Mm , we'll make love.

The old hootie owl way up in a tree
Is taking a peek at you and me.
I don't care what is can see,
Oh one more kiss and I'm in ecstasy.
Yes, midnight .... ( and so on).

Midnight, oh 'ts for lovers
Yes, at midnight, oh just for lovers.
And at midnight I'm telling it's for lovers.

Paul Anka - Midnight Music Lyrics

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